Kaduna (IP): In an exclusive interview with Iran Press via phone call, Sheikh Aliyu Tirmizhi, representative of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky in Kaduna State in Northwestern Nigeria confirmed that so far, four people have been killed and more than 20 wounded after members of the Police Force opened fire at the peaceful Quds day protest on Friday.

Iran PressAfrica: Iran Press videos proved that the Quds Day procession was peaceful and well organized before the team of Nigeria Police Force followed the tail of the procession and opened fire with live bullets, killing four and injuring over 20.

Some youths could be seen throwing stones at the police to stop them from reaching the protest.

The question Nigerian people continue to ask is, why did Nigerian Police or military attack the annual Quds day procession while it's peaceful and the purpose is to express solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine who have been murdered by the Israeli regime for more than 75 years? 

The 2024 Quds Day matches have been conducted peacefully in more than 20 cities across Nigeria including Federal Capital Territory Abuja, except Kaduna State where the Nigerian Police attacked the peaceful annual procession.


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