Nigeria (IP) - Nigerian security forces opened fire at the peaceful, unarmed Ashura mourners in Zaria City of Kaduna State in the Northwestern of the country.

Iran PressAfrica: According to an eyewitness, Abdulhakam Muhammad, the procession had already finished peacefully around 11 am, but after the closing prayer, the Nigeria Police Force arrived at the scene and started to fire teargas.

After that, Abdulhakam went on, soldiers who were initially stationed in front of Emir of Zazzau Palace fired live bullets at the mourners that were living Babban Dodo roundabout.

He said one teenager identified as Muhammad Yakasai has confirmed been killed, but many people with gunshot injuries have been taken by the security forces in their vehicles.

Another eyewitness, Abu Haidar Zaria, told Iran Press that the death toll could increase as the Police took way the injured ones.

Ashura mourning rituals have been conducted in many cities and towns in Nigeria, except Zaria in Kaduna State.


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