New Delhi(Ip): Iraj Elahi, Iran ambassador in New Delhi as a Chief guest, Moulana Shamshad Ahmed Rizvi, Moulana Mohsin Naqvi, Moulana Shaikh Mohammad Askari, Moulana Tasdeeq Hussain, Moulana Jalal Haider Naqvi, Moulana Qamar Hasnain and others during the Quds Day Conference in New Delhi India.

Iran PressAsia: Thousands of people came together to raise their voices against the oppression of Palestine.

On the occasion of Quds Day, a Quds Day conference was organized by the All India Shia Council, Al Quds Committee, and Ahlebait (as) Council of India in Delhi in which Shia Sunni Muslims together raised their voice against Israel.

The movement of Imam Khomeini RA), today people across the country have staged their protest in their ways against Israel's atrocities on Palestine.

Moulana Shamshad Ahmed Rizvi said that referring to a verse from the Quran, he said that Allah had made the Ababeel condition similar to that of Abraha's army.

He asked why would Allah not protect his home and his first tribe. He is fighting for his rights just like the soldiers sent by him.

Until Palestine gets freedom, every Muslim will continue to raise their voice for the rights of Palestine in this way, whether the Hindu Sikhs of our country are against all oppression and will continue to raise their voice for the freedom of Palestine.


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