Thousands of opponents of the Israeli Prime Minister poured onto the streets of Tel Aviv last night, chanting against his government's policies.

Iran PressMiddle East: Police estimated that more than 40,000 people flooded central Tel Aviv’s HaBima square and surrounding streets, according to the media.

Thousands of Jerusalemites protest government judicial overhaul outside President's Residence ... For the fourth week in a row

The protesters include lawyers, judges, and business representatives who believe that Benjamin Netanyahu's policies lead to the erosion of democracy and an independent judiciary system. For its part, the government insists that the reforms will restore the balance between the judiciary, executive and legislative branches.

The opposition believes that Netanyahu’s planned reforms undermine democracy and the judicial system of the Zionist entity, with protesters taking to the streets for several consecutive weeks.

Netanyahu, who returned to power in December 2022, and Justice Minister Yariv Levin have proposed new legislation that gives the government and parliament greater control over the Supreme Court.


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