France protest:

Nearly 150 people were arrested in Paris on Saturday after protests against proposed security laws turned violent.

Iran PressEurope: As reported by French media, thousands took to the streets of the French capital and other major cities on Saturday to protest President Emmanuel Macron's proposed legislation, which they claim would restrict civil liberties and increase surveillance.

Riot officers and police vehicles escorted the march through rainy Paris but tempers flared and some protesters were left with bloody faces following clashes between law enforcers and those demonstrating.

The interior minister said police detained 142 people. Long lines of riot officers and police vehicles with blue lights flashing escorted Saturday's march through rain-slickened streets. They hemmed in protesters, seeking to prevent the flare-up of violence that marked many previous demonstrations.

Saturday marked the third weekend in row marchers have taken to the streets across France to air their frustration at a proposed security law. 


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Paris protest against security law turns into violence