Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech on the occasion of the martyrdom of the commander of the Nasser unit, Haj Abu Taleb, and sent condolences and congratulations to the families of those who were martyred with him.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Nasrallah emphasized that martyrdom is victory, not defeat or death. He also said that the strength of the Resistance lies in its faith. He praised Haj Abu Taleb, saying that his religion was strong, his love and sympathy for his brothers were strong, and he was known as a good manager and a qualified leader.

Nasrallah made the statement during a memorial ceremony for martyred commander Talib Abdallah (Abu Talib) on Wednesday. He offered condolences and congratulations to the families of martyrs, saluting their patience and commitment to the resistance path.

Hezbollah's intelligence capabilities are highly advanced, comparable to those of Western intelligence organizations, and they have precise surveillance and real-time documentation abilities, including the use of drones. Nasrallah said that Hezbollah can accurately strike targets in northern Israel with over 50% accuracy and potentially disable at least 50% of the Iron Dome systems in the north with a first strike.

He also highlighted the significance of Hezbollah's activities and successes, stating that many operations and strikes carried out by Hezbollah are not fully disclosed, leaving the Israeli public unaware of the true scale of the threat.

Nasrallah added that the security belt, which was always on Hezbollah's side, is now on Israel's side, and that the enemy practices psychological warfare by censoring the numbers of their casualties on the Northern front. The Hezbollah leader also criticized the Israeli government's priorities, saying that Netanyahu considers his top priority to be the war on Gaza and that the enemy does not acknowledge its losses on the northern front to avoid exerting pressure on the government.

"Martyrdom is not defeated, nor is it death, but rather a point of strength for the resistance fronts," Nasrallah emphasized.

He highlighted that Martyr Taleb Abdullah did not give up in the face of difficulties and that the Lebanese resistance is now more determined to confront the enemy. Nasrallah also criticized the Israeli regime for hiding the real number of its fatalities in the Gaza war, stating that the US has used its intelligence capacities to stop Yemeni resistance operations in the Red Sea. He added that the US and UK have failed to stop Yemeni operations in the Red Sea.

The Hezbollah leader also highlighted that Israel is trying to fabricate a Gaza victory to deceive its people at home and that strategic losses have been inflicted on Israel in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister and other regime officials have admitted to paying high prices in the Gaza war, Nasrallah said.

Nasrallah hailed the precision of missiles and rockets used by the Lebanese resistance against Israeli targets, stating that the number of operatives ready to join the war has exceeded 100,000. He also emphasized that the resistance has a real and large bank of goals and is capable of reaching them discriminately and in a way that destabilizes the entity.

The Hezbollah chief further stressed that the enemy knows that what awaits it in the Mediterranean is terrific and that Israeli coasts and ships will be targeted. He detailed that the resistance has developed its weapons and used new ones, including drones, which it manufactures. Nasrallah also criticized the "gaps" in the Gaza ceasefire proposal tabled by Washington and noted that the Israeli enemy cannot hide its losses anymore, citing official figures of 8636 disabled Israelis.


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