ISFAHAN (IP) — In a recent interview with Iran Press, Yunanto Wiji Utomo, a distinguished Science Communicator at Kompas Indonesia, emphasized the significance of the Mustafa Prize as a beacon of inclusivity and recognition in the world of science. This prestigious award stands out among its peers, as it deviates from the norm of primarily honoring achievements by individuals of a certain demographic.

Iran PressIran news: Traditionally, the landscape of scientific accolades has been predominantly occupied by laureates from Western countries. While their contributions are undoubtedly noteworthy, the Mustafa Prize takes a refreshing approach by casting a wider net, celebrating excellence regardless of nationality, race, or background.

Named in honor of the revered Prophet of Islam Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH), the prize's mission is to foster a spirit of collaboration and solidarity among scientists from diverse backgrounds. In a world often divided by boundaries, this recognition serves as a unifying force, promoting the ideals of cooperation and mutual respect.


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