Democratic Republic of Congo (IP): In the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Muslim leaders voiced solidarity with Palestine.

Iran PressAfrica: African reactions to the Israeli-American genocide in Gaza are increasing. Since the start of hostilities, several demonstrations have taken place on the continent, as well as positions taken by the political class. 

In the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Muslim leaders expressed solidarity with Palestine.

These Congolese Muslims believe in essence that the unjust deprivation of a state to the Palestinian people explains the perpetual tension.

In an exclusive interview, a Muslim leader told Iranpress that all Muslims around the world stand up for the freedom of the Palestinian people.

"Muslims are standing to ask God and the authorities at the national and international level that the Palestinian people be restored to their rights. In Africa, we are behind Palestine; as proof, some South African lawyers have filed a complaint against the “Israeli Regime to declare peace to Palestine,” Sheikh Moussa Ahmad, head of Islamic identity in North Kivu, told Iranpress. This senior Muslim official in Congo also condemned Israel's aggression against the Palestinian people.

“We demand that all leaders stand up to end this war,” he adds.

As Muslims around the world prepare to celebrate their International Quds Day, those in eastern Congo, for their part, are preparing to celebrate it to demand peace for the Palestinian people and for Gaza, told Iranpress Sheikh Ciru Amhad, senior Muslim official from Congo.

"In our prayers, there is a supplication that we must make, it is an obligation. That is why, before finishing the prayer for every Muslim during this period, we make what is called a "Kounde" in support for our brothers who are in Gaza. We must sympathize with our brothers," he said.

Still responding to questions from Iranpress, this senior Muslim official from Congo reaffirmed his opposition to this war led by Israel against Gaza, and took the opportunity to denounce the deaths of several Palestinians.

"Our responsibility is to seek how to put an end to this war, how we must manage to cease hostilities because this must not last a lifetime. Things must change. The Islamic Ummah is concerned to one day see the people of Gaza find peace, as well as the people of the whole world, because Islam is peace," he concluded.


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