Tehran (IP) - Explaining about the closed session of the parliament, the Speaker of the parliament's presiding board said that despite the unrest throughout the country in the last two weeks, people did not join movements, and the maximum of people present in the protests is estimated to be 45,000.

Iran PressIran news: Nezamuddin Mousavi, the spokesman of the presiding board, said after the events of the last two weeks in the country, today the parliament examined the details of the issue in a closed meeting.

He added: "The Minister of Interior presented a two-part report regarding the recent events. The commander of the police force also gave detailed explanations about the measures taken."

Mousavi said the head of the parliament's national security commission also analyzed the regional and international conditions and examined the situation from this perspective. Also, five representatives expressed their views on the recent events.

The situation of the last two weeks in the country has two parts, the first part is the death of Mahsa Amini and immediately after this incident, this issue is being pursued at the highest level in the parliament and the government, he pointed.

He went on to say that the second part was the unrest that occurred in the country, which showed that some organized groups used Mahsa Amini's death as an excuse for chaos in the country. "Many people realized that fact and refused to attend."

Mousavi emphasized that some separatist terrorists fueled this situation and entered the western cities of the country, and the IRGC stopped them.


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