IP - The Israeli army on Wednesday said that 19 Israeli troops had sustained injuries in battles across the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours.

Iran Press/ West Asia: In a statement, the Israeli army said the total number of injuries among its troops in Gaza since Oct. 27, the day it launched its ground operation in Gaza, has risen to 619.

It also said among the injured troops, there are 139 in serious condition.

While the total figure of injured troops since Oct. 7 reached 1,704, this includes 267 in serious condition, 481 in moderate condition, and 956 troops lightly wounded.

The Israeli army also said its death toll since Oct. 7 rose to 444, including 115 killed in Gaza as of Oct. 27

Early on Wednesday, the Israeli army announced that 10 of its troops, including commanders, were killed in battles last night in eastern Gaza City.

At least 18,412 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks since October 7. The revised death toll in Israel stands at 1,147.


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