Jan 29, 2020 16:57 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 18, 2020 21:52 Asia/Tehran]

Yemeni Armed Forces and Popular Committees has targeted facilities belonging to Saudi Aramco in Jizan on the Red Sea.

Iran Press/Middle East: Brigadier Yahya Saree, spokesman of Yemeni Armed Forces and Popular Committees said that  Abha and Jizan airports, Khamis Mushait military base and other sensitive targets in Saudi Arabia, have been come under attack "with a large number of rockets and drones".

In a statement on Wednesday, Yemeni armed forces announced recent victorious on the Eastern Front of Sana'a (Farzat Nehm), Iran Press reported.

"Yemeni forces have succeeded in removing more than 2,500 kilometers of Yemeni terrain from Saudi mercenaries occupation during the operation of 'Bunyan al-Marsous' (literally means solid foundation)," said in the statement.  

17 brigades and 20 battalions of Saudi Arabian mercenaries shattered and their equipment confiscated by the Yemeni fighters in Farzat Nehm.

The Yemeni People's Committees and the Army continue their efforts to liberate the entire territory of the country and confront the enemies and criminals.

In mid-September, Yemeni resistance forces attacked the heart of Saudi Arabia's oil industry destroying Aramco plants in Khurais and Abqaiq.

The attacks caused a serious decline in the valuation of Aramco, a company that was planned for a listing in the domestic stock market as part of a bid to finance government programs for economic modernization.


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