Commentary (IP)- Thousands of people demonstrated in Munich, Germany, against the Munich Security Conference, which is underway in the city, and demanded peace and halting military aid to Ukraine.

Iran PressCommentary: German people took part in the demonstration and chanted anti-war slogans and held banners that read: "No to sending German tanks to the Eastern Front", "Fight against fascism" and "Biden go to hell".

Top military and political officials from around the world gathered today at the Munich Security Conference to discuss the latest measures needed to support Ukraine in its war with Russia.

This year's meeting of the Munich Security Conference, due to the continuation of the war in Ukraine, has been overshadowed by this unprecedented conflict in Europe after World War II and has become a platform for verbal attacks on Russia on the one hand, and a request to continue increasing military aid and weapons to Ukraine on the other. In fact, despite the primary goal of the conference, which has been in existence for several decades, which is to increase security in Europe and the world, the 2023 summit has served the bellicose goals and objectives of the Westerners, led by the United States and the summit is against security.

In this regard, the senior Western officials participating in the Munich conference have adopted warmongering words and positions. Among other things, "Kamala Harris", the US vice president, said in this conference on Saturday in a harsh stance against Russia that no matter how much time passes, Washington will support Kyiv... If Russia wins the war against Ukraine, this issue it will encourage other countries to do similar work.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also took a belligerent stance at the Munich Security Conference and emphasized that the West should give advanced NATO-level capabilities to the armed forces of Ukraine, which they need to expel Russian forces from their territory.

These belligerent remarks show that Western leaders intend to achieve their anti-Russian goals by continuing to provide huge military and weapon aid to Ukraine, especially weakening the country's military and economic capabilities. This is an issue that even some European leaders have acknowledged.

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Among other things, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, emphasized on Saturday that, except for this country, all countries in NATO and the European Union want the continuation of the war in Ukraine. , emphasized that the war between Kyiv and Moscow will end if America and Russia negotiated together. At the same time, Orban added that he does not agree with the position of European countries regarding Russia as a security threat to this continent.

The Prime Minister of Hungary also implied that the US is on the side of the war with Russia and emphasized that the war between Kyiv and Moscow will end if the US and Russia negotiate. At the same time, Orban added that he does not agree with the stance of European countries regarding Russia as a security threat to this continent.

Knowing the main goal of the West, Russia insists on achieving its goals in the Ukraine war. "Vasily Nebenzya ", Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, says: "The determination of the West is to destroy Russia, and we have no choice but to defend our country, identity and future."

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It seems that the Europeans are getting caught in the big plan that the US has made and paid for the confrontation between Europe and Russia. Despite its slogans about the need to end the war in Ukraine, the United States has adopted the approach of deepening and expanding this war to weaken and involve Russia as much as possible, and in this way, it derives the policy of encouraging and pressuring Western allies, especially European ones to increase as much as possible to send military aid and weapons to Ukraine.

At the same time, the demonstration of the German people against the Munich Security Conference shows that they do not agree with the adventurous policy of the coalition government of the country and are afraid of the expansion of the scope of the war to other parts of Europe, as well as the possible reactions of Russia to the hostile positions of Berlin.


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