Lebanon's Hezbollah targeted the strategic base of Israeli strategic base of Miron with several missiles.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The Jebel Al-Marq region in the north of the occupied territories, where the Miron strategic base is located, was targetted by Lebanese Hezbollah's missile attacks today.

The media of the Zionist regime also announced that 10 rockets were launched from Lebanon toward the Miron base.

Media sources have also published images from the moment Hezbollah rockets hit Jebel al-Maraq.

Miron base has been the target of Lebanese Hezbollah attacks several times before.

Previously, Lebanon's Hezbollah, in a statement, published images recorded with thermal cameras of a missile attack on a building where the Zionist regime's soldiers are stationed in Y'shtola town in the north of occupied Palestine.

Hezbollah has been carrying attacks on Zionist targets over the past few months in response to Tel Aviv’s invasion of the Gaza Strip which has killed more than 29,782 civilians thus far. 219