Tehran (IP) - Lebanon's Labour Minister, Moustafa Bayram, stressed that Iran, as an independent country, turned any crisis into an opportunity though being sanctioned.

Iran PressIran news: Iran's Minister of Cooperative, Labor, and Social Welfare, Sowlat Mortazavi, met and talked with Lebanon's Labour Minister Moustafa Bayram.

During the meeting, the two officials were supposed to discuss common topics and issues between the two countries and signed a memorandum of understanding on joint cooperation between them.

In the meeting, the Lebanese and Iranian delegations signed memorandums of cooperation. 

Regarding Iran's experiences with sanctions and turning crises into opportunities, Lebanon's Labor Minister Mustafa Bayram expressed the Lebanese government's desire to use Iran's affairs to form a powerful government and serve the Lebanese nation. 

Lebanese Labor Minister, referring to financial problems in the country, pointed to the frameworks of the meeting, saying the memorandums of cooperation set in the meeting's agenda can improve Lebanon's conditions. 

Elaborating on the aim of his trip to Iran, Moustafa Bayram noted that Lebanon is eager to put into practice Iranians' experiences in overcoming the sanctions and turning into an independent country.

At the end of his speech, Bayram said the Lebanese side sought mutual respect and interests with Iran. 

Iranian Minister of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare Sowlat Mortazavi praised Lebanon for their resistance showing the fake power of the Israeli regime, and said: "Iran respects Lebanon…defending Lebanon is defending the Islamic community." 

Referring to the broad scope of responsibilities of the Ministry of Cooperation, Mortazavi stated that Iran would transfer its experiences in the mining industry, public health, economy, and prevention of social harm to Lebanon. 


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