Ali Larijani, speaker of Iran's parliament said "Iran and Japan need to take bigger steps to expand cooperation between the two nations".

Iran Press/ Iran News: Meeting with members of Japan's House of Councilors in the Diet (national legislature) on Tuesday, the speaker of Iran's Majlis, Ali Larijani, said: "Ties between Iran and Japan are longstanding; this year is the 90th anniversary of establishing this relation which has always been warm and friendly".

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According to Iran Press news agency, Larijani added that some countries are looking to disrupt our relations and we should not allow them to do so.

Welcoming expansion of trade ties between Iran and Japan, the speaker of Iran's parliament (Majlis) emphasized that "there is a suitable ground for Japan's investment in Iran's oil, gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors".

"Iran and Japan have deep-rooted ties which have expanded since the meeting between Iranian president and Japan's prime minister took place," said Chuichi Date, head of House of Councilors in the Diet (Japanese parliament).

Referring to the ancient and rich history of Iran as the biggest country in the Middle East, he also added that Japan supports the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action, JCPOA.    

Chuichi Date also said "our anticipation is that relations between the two countries will improve in political, economic and cultural spheres," adding that engagement between two nations can increase with cultural and athletic exchanges; so, mutual understanding will be the foundation for improving relations between Iran and Japan.   

Ali Larijani heading a high-ranking delegation, left Tehran for Japan on 11 February, at the official invitation of President of the House of Councilors of Japan, Chuichi Date.

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