Kandahar (IP) - As many as 62 people have been killed and at least 70 others injured when terrorists attacked the Bibi Fatima mosque in Afghanistan’s Kandahar. There is a possibility of an increase in casualties.

Iran PressAsia: More than 130 people were killed and injured when at least four terrorists carried out suicide attacks in the most prominent Shia mosque in the Kandahar province, where many worshippers gathered for Friday prayers.

“There were at least four suicide attackers involved in the attack against BiBi Fatima mosque in KDR city.Two explosions took place at gates of the mosque and another 2 inside mosque. At least 100 dead bodies inside the hospital.” Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwary, who spoke to residents and medical sources in Kandahar, reported.

It's the second major attack on a Shiite mosque during Friday prayers in a week and comes as the Taliban contend with a growing security threat from other militant groups.

ISIS claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack in Kandahar, as claimed the similar bombing that killed scores of Shi’ites in the northern city of Kunduz a week earlier.

The attacks have caused shock and terror among members of Afghanistan’s Shi’ite minority and undermine the ruling Taliban movement’s claim to have restored security since taking control of the country in August.

On October 8, a similar attack took place in a Shia mosque in northern Afghanistan’s Kunduz Province. Then, at least 150 people were killed in a major blast, while about 200 citizens suffered injuries. 

"Islamic State-Khorasan" (ISIS-K) take responsibility for the recent attack.


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