Rome (IP) - Nearly 20,000 Italians took to the streets of Rome on Saturday evening to protest against the Italian government's socio-economic policies and the continued sending of weapons to Ukraine. The demonstrators voiced their opposition to rising inflation, job insecurity, low salaries, and healthcare problems.

Iran PressEurope: During the anti-government demonstration, Italian parliament member Michele Gubitoso told IranPress Correspondence in Rome that the protest was a response to the government's wrong decisions that work against the weaker sections of society and only benefit the rich.

The protesters chanted anti-government slogans and demanded an end to sending weapons to Ukraine. An elderly female protester shared with IranPress reporter that they participated in the demonstration because they oppose Italy's warmongering government. She added that instead of spending money on war, the government should focus on improving people's lives, especially in education and healthcare.

The demonstration highlights growing public discontent with Italy's current leadership and its policies.

Carrying peace flags and anti-Ukraine war and anti-NATO handbills, demonstrators in Rome chanted "Stop the war, war is madness."

Former speaker of the Italian House of Representatives, Roberto Fico, spoke to an IranPress reporter on the sidelines of the anti-government protests, saying "We must find a solution for peace in Ukraine.

The Russian and Ukrainian sides should sit at the negotiating table because the only way is peace." Over a year into the Ukraine conflict, it has become increasingly clear that its continuation has widened social and political gaps, exacerbating economic problems in Italy and other European countries.


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