IP- Israeli Army says 8 more soldiers were killed in fighting in northern Gaza over the past day.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Those killed included a 35-year-old lieutenant colonel, two 23-year-old majors, a 19-year-old sergeant and a 22-year-old captain all serving with the Israeli infantry’s Golani Brigade.Two majors – one 26 years old and another 20 years old – with the 669 Special Rescue Tactical Unit were also killed in fighting in the north of the Gaza Strip, according to the Israeli military.

And a 19-year-old sergeant in the combat engineers was also killed in the north of the Palestinian territory, it said.

On Tuesday, the UN reported that a total of 105 Israeli soldiers had been killed since Israel invaded Gaza and that 600 had been injured, citing the Israeli military.

It was unknown if that total included the latest eight deaths reported.


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