Palestine (IP) - The Israeli regime's forces buried alive tens of the wounded and displaced Palestinians at a hospital yard in Gaza.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The Israeli forces destroyed the Palestinian refugees' tents in the yard of Kamal Adwan Hospital in Gaza and buried alive all those sheltered in the tents, Al-Jazeera reported. 

According to the report, the bodies of over 20 martyrs are still left in the yard of the hospital. 

As the correspondent of Al-Jazeera said Kamal Adwan is the only remaining health facility within the northern part of Gaza.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said that the Israeli occupiers target any moving thing in Kamal Adwan and Al-Awda hospitals, including the medical staff.

The ministry said that the Israeli regime had destroyed the southern part of the two hospitals. 

The latest figures on the causalities of the Palestinian nation say that the number of martyrs in Gaza exceeded 19,000.

Meanwhile, another Palestinian media reporter in Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip was martyred due to the Israeli air raids. 

The reporter was killed a day after the Israeli regime targeted Al-Jazeera cameraman Samer Abudaqa in Khan Younis. 

So far 90 reporters have been martyred due to the Israeli attacks. 

It was on October 7 that the Palestinian Resistance carried out Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on the Israeli regime's forces in response to the regime's daily crimes against the Palestinian people during 75 years of occupation of Palestine since 1948.

Confused with the irreparable intelligence and military blow it suffered from the October 7 operation, Israel is struggling to compensate for the defeat.

Following its attacks on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli regime's forces bombarded the camp of disabled refugees in the city. 


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