Lebanese Hezbollah confirmed the martyrdom of four members in the attack of the Zionist regime in southern Lebanon on Monday night.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Lebanese Hezbollah announced that four members were killed by the Israeli regime attacks. 

Abdul Jalil Ali Hamza, one of the members of this movement, was killed on the holy path to Quds.

He was a resident of "Al-Khidr" village, one of Al-Baqaa districts in southern Lebanon.

Also "Hossein Ahmed Yahya" nicknamed Javad; "Moussa Hasan Sheit" nicknamed "Hadi" and "Jihad Musa Sheit" nicknamed "Abu Hossein" were all from KafarKila village in southern Lebanon were killed by the Israeli regime.

The news media reported on Monday night that the Zionist regime's fighters targeted Al-Naqoura village in southern Lebanon with two missiles.

On the other hand, al-Mayadeen network also reported that a Zionist drone bombarded the "Al-Labune" region in southern Lebanon.

These attacks occurred hours after Lebanon's Hezbollah targeted three military bases occupied by the Zionists in northern occupied Palestine.

According to this report, Lebanon's Hezbollah targeted the military base " Hadab Al-Bustan belonging to the Zionist military in the north of occupied Palestine. 

Al-Mayadeen also announced: "The fighters of the Lebanese Hezbollah targeted the "Abad" military position of the Zionist occupying army with suitable weapons, as a result of which a number of occupying soldiers were directly targeted. 219

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Also, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance announced in a statement that it targeted the occupying forces around the Hanita base using precise weapons. 219


Furthermore, according to reports  The five  Israeli  soldiers  lightly wounded during “a number” of missile launches from southern Lebanon that targeted the Adamit region of northern Israel, the military said on social media.