Two Palestinians have been killed in an Israeli military raid on a refugee camp in the northern occupied West Bank city of Tulkarem, health officials say.

Iran PressWest Asia: The Palestinian Ministry of Health said two men – Asid Abu Ali, 21, and Abdulrahman Abu Daghash, 32 – were killed by the Zionists fire in Sunday’s raid, which caused heavy damage to camp infrastructure.

In its comment on the latest bloodshed, the Zionist military said it had gone into the Nour Shams refugee camp to destroy “a militant command center and bomb-storage facility” in a building.

It said that engineering units detonated several bombs planted under roads and that the Palestinian resistance fighters opened fire and hurled explosives at the raiding army, causing the Zionist forces to respond with live fire.

The Zionist regime has been carrying out stepped-up military raids, primarily in the north of the occupied West Bank, for the past 18 months in what it says is a campaign to root out Palestinian resistance fighters and thwart future attacks.

The regime has been militarily occupying the West Bank, where some three million Palestinians live, for 56 years.