IP - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the way Israel is waging war on Gaza has created “massive obstacles” to the delivery of humanitarian aid to the war-torn territory where people are facing famine.

Iran Press/ West Asia: In a short post on social media in the hours following a UN Security Council resolution demanding that flows of humanitarian aid to Gaza increase, Guterres said the Israeli military was the obstacle to achieving that demand.

“An effective aid operation in Gaza requires security; staff who can work in safety; logistical capacity; and the resumption of commercial activity,” he said.

Guterres noted that 136 UN personnel have been killed in Gaza in just 75 days, “something we have never seen in UN history”.

“Most of our staff have been forced from their homes,” he said.

Following the UN Security Council vote in New York on Friday, Guterres said: “I hope that today’s Security Council resolution may help improve the delivery of much-needed aid but a humanitarian ceasefire is the only way to begin to meet the desperate needs of people in Gaza and end their ongoing nightmare.”

Israeli forces have systematically attacked healthcare and medical facilities in Gaza, bombed shelters run by the UN for displaced people, and attacked and harassed ambulance crews and others involved in humanitarian relief in the Gaza Strip.

MSF says UNSC resolution painfully short” of what is needed

The emergency medical group Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres, or MSF) said the UN Security Council resolution demanding increased humanitarian aid for war-torn Gaza was “watered-down” and fell “painfully short” of what is needed to address the crisis.

“This resolution has been watered down to the point that its impact on the lives of civilians in Gaza will be nearly meaningless,” MSF-USA executive director Avril Benoit said in a statement.

Israeli attacks on Gaza intensifies

Israeli missile and artillery attacks on residential homes killed dozens and injured many people, more intense on Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza were described as the “carpeting bombing” of a civilian area.

In the West Bank, Israeli troops backed by armored vehicles and a bulldozer took part in dawn raids across the occupied West Bank, searching homes and clashing with Palestinian youths in Jenin and the nearby refugee camp, according to local media reports.


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