IP - Israel’s military 'approved and validated' operational plans for an offensive in Lebanon after Hezbollah’s undetected drone infiltrated inside occupied lands and revealed aerial footage of all Israeli military installations up to Haifa.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The head of the Israel Northern Command Major General Ori Gordin and the head of the Operations Directorate Major General Oded Basiuk approved Lebanon battle plans on Tuesday, According to a report by Jewish media hours after Hezbollah reveals a compelling 9-minute video reveals aerial footage of the city of Haifa, showing all military installations.

The video suggests that an undetected Hezbollah drone broadcast live stream video from the Rafael Military Industries Complex and the Haifa Port, the Haifa Military Base, the Haifa Civil Port, the Haifa Power Station, the Haifa Airport, oil tanks, and petrochemical facilities. 

The revealed area spans approximately 6.5 square kilometers and is 24 kilometers from Lebanon’s border with occupied Palestine.

The video also highlights key military assets, including the submarine unit’s command building, the Saar 4.5 logistical support corvette, and the Saar 5 corvette, Iron Dome and David’s Sling bases, a rocket engine test tunnel, storage facilities, air defense missile storage, missile component manufacturing units, control and guidance system factories, administrative buildings, and missile testing radars.

According to the 'Time of Israel' in a statement, the 'IOF' (Israeli Occupied Forces) said that in the meeting of top Israeli commanders, the generals held an assessment, during which operational plans for an offensive in Lebanon were approved and also the top commanders made decisions regarding 'accelerating the readiness of the forces on the ground'.


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