Tehran (IP) - The Iranian president’s chief of staff noted that the Zionists practically had no plan to attack Iran, and they had neither the ability nor the means to do so.

Iran Press/Iran News: On the sidelines of today's cabinet meeting and responding to Iran Press' question about a claim by the chief of staff of the Israeli Army that the regime planned to attack Iran, Mahmoud Vaezi stated that the people of Iran and the region were familiar with the language of the Zionist regime officials, and that the Zionists were mostly looking for psychological warfare.

Vaezi pointed out that the armed forces, including the Army and the IRGC, were highly trained in defending Iran.

"These forces carried out various drills, and this showed that Iran did not intend to start a war but was serious in defending the country," he noted.

He told Iran press that the new US administration seemed to be as independent as any other country, and the Israeli claim was an attempt to wage a psychological war.

The Iranian president’s chief of staff referred to the US' withdrawal of Iran's international signed nuclear agreement and said the issue of the US' return to JCPOA and the lifting of sanctions is an issue that both the Zionist regime and some countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, oppose and try to prevent.


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