Yemen (IP) – A member of Yemen's Parliament said that the victory of Lebanon's Hezbollah over the Israeli regime's army is considered a great day for the Islamic Ummah, which was materialized thanks to the endeavor of Hezbollah's battalions.

Iran Press/Middle East: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press in Sana'a, Lutf al-Jarmouzi highlighted the occasion of the victory anniversary of Lebanon's Hezbollah over the Israeli regime in the 2006 battle and said that resistance was the only option for the Arab and Islamic nations against the domination-seeking of US and its supporters in the region.

He said free Islamic nations, including Yemen, which is a part of the axis of resistance, will continue self-sacrifices in the salvation path and will get free from colonialism and occupation by resistance. 

Al-Jarmouzi said the Yemeni people managed to resist the 9-year aggression of the Saudi-led coalition because their choice was resistance, and they will do so until the end of the occupation.

Since 2015, Yemen has been witnessing the war of the Saudi-led collation forces on the Yemeni popular committees and army to bring back the Saudi-affiliated government, the consequences of which have been reflected in the lives of the Yemeni people.


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