Sana'a (IP) - On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Yemeni officials, activists, and citizens say that the Islamic Revolution stood by the oppressed, free nations in the world and supported liberation movements.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  Talat al-Sharjabi, a writer and political researcher, says that the experience of the Islamic revolution at the regional and world level was a new experience and he was able to create a modern and independent Iranian with his revolutionary goals and values.  Al-Sharjabi stated that the approach and principles of Iran's Islamic Revolution were followed by Ayatollah Khamenei after Imam Khomeini.

The author emphasized that Iran's Islamic Revolution's approach to regional countries is not malicious compliance like America's approach to these countries, but Iran wants its allies to have full sovereignty and independence in decision-making.  Al-Sharjabi said that after 45 years, Iran's Islamic Revolution is still promising for free nations.

The idea of Iran's Islamic Revolution is to fight against oppressors and reject oppression and injustice, and this approach continues to inspire people."What is being done in Palestine today, like the Al-Aqsa storm operation, is the result of Iran's Islamic Revolution," said Yahya al-Kholani, a Yemeni citizen.

According to him, if the Iranian Islamic Revolution did not stand by the resistance, the liberation movements could not stand against Israel.

Jaber, a young Yemeni researcher, considers the difference between the Iranian revolution and other revolutions to be its "popularity" and says: "Most revolutions have local or regional effects, but the impact of the Iranian revolution was huge and it shook the arrogance."

He stated that the Islamic Revolution has faced various conspiracies, but it is still the only hope for the free people. In an interview with Iran Press, Ola Al-Shami, a young Yemeni woman, said that the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979 was the first movement and model for all Arab, Muslim, and free nations in the world. He emphasized that the Iranian revolution is the support of the nations to stand against tyranny and arrogance. Abdullah Abu Talib, another Yemeni activist, stated that Iran's Revolution ended the hegemony of America and Israel and thwarted the conspiracies of America and Israel against the Islamic nation and the oppressed people.

Moreover, he said that Iran's Islamic revolution inspired other nations by standing up against bullies, and current liberation movements in the region, including Yemen, are influenced by Iran's revolution.


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