The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for killing 70 soldiers and wounding dozens of others in Burkina Faso.

On Saturday, the terrorist organization "ISIS" claimed responsibility for killing more than 70 soldiers, wounding dozens, and taking five hostages in an ambush set by its militants on a military convoy in northern Burkina Faso, according to "Russia Today" news agency.In a statement posted Friday by Amaq, the group’s news agency, the group said it attacked a convoy trying to advance to areas under its control near Deou, in the Sahel’s Oudalan province. It said it seized weapons and chased retreating soldiers for miles into the desert, AP reported.

It was the second "provisional" death toll announced during the same day by the security authorities of the West African country and follows an ambush that targeted a military unit between Deou and Oursi in Oudalan province in the Sahel region Friday.

The previous assessment of the sweep operations published in the morning reported that eight soldiers were found dead, three wounded, several missing and about 60 terrorists killed.