Tehran (IP)- A memorandum of understanding on scientific, research, cultural, and tourism cooperation was signed between Isfahan university and the university of Transylvania in Romania.

Iran Press/Iran News: According to the Public relations of the Isfahan University of Art: The MoU was signed by Ioan Vasile Abrudan, President of Transylvania University and Head of the International Relations Office of the Isfahan University of Art.

The Romanian cultural and academic delegation traveled to Isfahan at the end of June and met with a number of city officials, and visited some scientific and cultural centers, including Isfahan University and Isfahan Art University.

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During the visit of the Romanian delegation to Isfahan, an MoC was signed between the Romanian Transylvania University and the University of Isfahan in 19 chapters, most of which are related to research activities.

Isfahan Art University is one of the top art universities in the center of Iran. Transilvania is also one of the most comprehensive and prestigious Romanian public universities in the city of Brașov.


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