Tehran (IP) - Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, at the closing ceremony of the First National Hope Media Cup in Tehran, stated that the media transforms facts from point to volume of imagination which determines the good and bad of societies.

Iran PressIran news: In an era when the foes are seeking to instill disappointment in Iranian society, the media should create hope, he said. 

Touching on the role of reporters in society, the commander said that the work of journalists is in correspondence with the efforts of combatants on the battlefield. 

Major General Salami added Media should raise awareness about the developments while providing political insight in a time of spreading misinformation.

The IRGC commander pointed out that the media creates the torch of hope in the hearts of the people.

Salami urged all Iranian journalists and photojournalists to be engaged in the Jihad of Clarification and cover the progress of the Islamic Republic.

Salami emphasized that although Operation True Promise was a limited operation from the IRGC's point of view to punish an irrational and violent regime, the media well covered the impact of this Operation and the world understood that the Islamic Republic of Iran never hesitates to punish the Zionist regime. 219