Iran (IP) - Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps warned the Saudi regime over its media war against the Iranian people on Monday.

Iran PressIran news: Noting that the Saudis were trying to provoke the Iranian youth, Major-General Hossein Salami advised the Saudi officials to control their regime-affiliated media or the consequences would not be inevitable for them.

Speaking at the opening of the IRGC Ground Force military drill in East Azarbaijan Province on Monday, General Salami underlined: "You are involved in this matter and know that you are vulnerable, it is better to be careful."

He referred to the Israeli regime as a threat to the region and stated that, unfortunately, the regime has infiltrated some of the southern and northern neighboring countries of Iran and advised the regional states not to allow the Israeli regime to enter their countries since Zionists' nature is creating insecurity and division.

The IRGC chief commander highlighted that the main message of today's drill is friendship and fraternity with neighbors and pointed out that this is the principle of Iran's policy.

"As long as different countries interact and have peaceful coexistence with us and appropriate political and economic ties exist, we will continue the friendship and fraternity," he said.

General Salami further explained that the enemy's media effort is a clear sign of their defeat in the face of Iran in the real world and said: "The enemy failed even in this field and their failure continues."

He referred to the Iranian nation's experience with the US presence in Iran before the Islamic Revolution and stressed that the US brought poverty, moral vulgarity, and desecration to the country.


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