Iraqi President Barham Salih

Baghdad (IP) - Iraq’s President stressed that all the Iraqi political factions must support the new government.

Iran PressMiddle East: In a tweet on Thursday, Barham Salih emphasized the completion of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi’s cabinet in order to counter the health, security, and economic challenges, conducting legal reforms and holding healthy elections.

The Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammad al-Halbousi also stressed the Iraqi political factions’ support of al-Kazemi’s government in countering economic and security challenges.

Stressing the support of the new government in countering the challenges, the head of Iraq’s Hikmat Faction Seyyed Ammar al-Hakim also emphasized that the new Prime Minister must listen to the Iraqi protester’s concerns, fulfill their legal demands, and provide quick solutions to counter economic issues and coronavirus crises.

The Iraqi Parliament voted on Wednesday night to approve the list of ministerial candidates proposed by Mustafa al-Kazemi, ending weeks of political deadlock.

Out of the 22 nominees proposed by al-Kazemi, the Iraqi lawmakers passed 15 ministers and rejecting five others, while postponing a decision on Oil and Foreign Affairs Ministries to another time.

The Iraqi new Prime Minister is assigned to prepare the grounds for the early parliamentary election, managing Iraq amid health and economic challenges due to coronavirus and global drop of oil price, and submitting the 2020 budget plan to the parliament, within one year.


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