The Islamic Resistance Group of Iraq announced in two separate statements on Tuesday morning that in support of the Gaza Strip, it has targeted important positions of the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine on three occasions in the past 72 hours.

Iran Press/ West Asia: These attacks include a vital site in the town of Ashkelon, the oil port of this city, and another important target whose location is not mentioned in the occupied territories.

Another statement from the Iraqi Islamic Resistance stated that two other sites belonging to the Zionist regime, including the Hatzerim airbase in Beersheba in occupied Palestine, were targeted by these forces.

In a statement, the Iraqi Resistance expressed their solidarity with the people of Gaza and condemned the Israeli aggression against Palestinian civilians. The attacks were described as a response to these atrocities and a continued effort to resist the occupation.

This group had previously warned in past operations that if the Zionist regime continues its attacks on the Gaza Strip, it will intensify its operations against the positions of this regime. 219

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