Open session of Iran's Parliament kicks off

Tehran (IP) – Iran's Parliament will address the investment agreements with Croatia and Nicaragua on its agenda today.

Iran PressIran News: The open session of Iran's Parliament kicked off on early Sunday morning, chaired by Speaker Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf.

The MPs will examine the draft agreements on encouragement and mutual support for investment between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Nicaragua, and Croatia.

Also, the draft agreement between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the international railway connection will be addressed, which has been restored by the Guardian Council.

Parliament focuses on budget reform

Iran's parliament emphasized reforming the assessment process of the submitted budget plan, demanding the acceleration of the process.

In this regard, an MP representing Tehran said: "We are under economic war and imposed sanctions, so parliament's outlook on the process of assessing the submitted budget plan is crucial."

"The budget has impacted currency rate and national currency value, so the process should be changed," Zohreh Elahian stated.

It is necessary to focus more on budget assessment, she added.

Iranian MPs agree to transfer Oman Seawater to Sistan and Baluchestan 

Iranian lawmakers agreed with the transfer of Oman Seawater to the Sistan and Baluchestan provinces. 

The bill was passed on December 25, an open session of the parliament with 182 votes in favor, 21 votes against, and 14 abstentions.


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