F-5 and Saeghe bombers destroyed important and vital targets of the hypothetical enemy using indigenous and domestically-built missiles during the ninth "Fadaiyan Hareem Velayat" air force exercise in central Iran.

Iran PressIran News: The main phase and operational phase of the ninth air force exercise of 'Fadaiyan Hareem Velayat' (The Devotees of the Velayat Sanctuary 9) started this morning (Monday) with the holy name or 'Sadegh Al-e Mohammad' (the Progeny of Holy Prophet (AS) in Isfahan, central Iran.

Brigadier General Farhad Goodarzi, the spokesman for the 9th Fadaiyan Air Force Exercise, referring to the destruction of vital targets of the hypothetical enemy by F-5 and Saeghe bombers and added:

"Equipped with smart bombs, precision-guided missiles and air-to-surface missiles, home- made F-7 aircrafts targeted the vital targets of the hypothetical enemy with ingenuity and innovative techniques by young pilots deep in the battle zone."

Brigadier General Farhad Goodarzi, noting that the planes participating in the exercise were prepared by the specialized staff of the Iranian Air Force, said:

"Prior to the start of the operational phase of the exercise, RF-4 reconnaissance aircraft were built and manufactured using advanced "Samat" cameras by Iranian Air Force specialists."

"Together with the "Bow 12" drones, they flew over hypothetical enemy positions to gather signal information and electronic eavesdropping and to observe, identify and photograph pre-determined targets.', added he.

The "Fadaiyan Harem Velayat" air force exercise contains a message of security, stability, friendship and lasting peace for the countries of the region, a message of encouragement and reassurance for the Iranian people, and a message of readiness to defend and respond in the  case  of  any miscalculation done by the enemies..

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