(IP)- Iran's Taekwondo fighter weighing less than 57 kg won a gold medal in the world women's competition final held in Saudi Arabia.

Iran Press/Middle East: The first round of the World Women's Freestyle Taekwondo Championships, attended by 170 taekwondo fighters from 31 countries, started two days ago in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and ends today.

In the final of minus 57 kg, Zahra Sheydaei won a gold medal against Margarita Bliznyakova, a taekwondo fighter from Russia. After an 11-11 draw in regular time, she won the gold round.

Before that, to reach the competition's final, she first won 12-9 against the representative of Russia, then won the golden round against the representative of Croatia, and then defeated "Elena Krivichenko" from Russia with a result of 12-3.

In the semi-finals, Zahra Sheydaei defeated the representative of England 17-9 to advance to the finals.

In recent days, Kowsar Asaseh, in the weight of minus 62 kg, and Melika Mir-Hosseini in minus 73 kg, have won 2 bronze medals for the Iranian team.

The first to third-place winners will receive 40, 24, and 14.40 points, respectively, in the Olympic rankings. 


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