Khoresh-e Aloo Esfenaj (Golden Sour Prune and Spinach)

Khoresht Aloo Esfenaj is one of the most delicious traditional Persian dishes that the combination of spinach, golden plums, saffron, and meat makes it's taste unique.


Iran PressIran news: Khoresht Aloo Esfenaj is rich in vitamins and nutrients that are useful for strengthening the immune system. This Khoresht Aloo Esfenaj recipe is comfort food for fall and winter.



200gr Aloo Bukhara

Salt, pepper, and turmeric

2kg chopped spinach

1 onion

How to make it:

Step 1

First, finely chop the onion and fry it in a little oil until soft.

Step 2

Cut beef into small cubes. Add the meat and fry until golden brown. Then add spices, turmeric, and a little pepper to the meat.

Step 3

Heat up oil in a pan over medium heat. Start adding the spinach. The spinach will wilt down quickly as you saute it.

Step 4

With one hour left until the meat is fully cooked, add the spinach to the pot so that the stew settles slowly.

Step 5

Soak the plums in cold water for half an hour, fry in oil, and add to the stew for the last half hour of cooking.

Step 6

Lower the heat to allow the stew to set. Finally, add salt and serve the stew with saffron rice.


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