Gorgeous Persian Stew satisfies you in a blink

Kale Joosh is the creamy, delicious, gorgeous Persian Stew that can satisfy by taking a short to make, the rich texture and saltiness of curt sauce or Kashk goes well with fried mint and diced walnut and offers you a nutritious meal as well.

Iran PressIran news: Curt sauce (Kashk) is a rich source of calcium that helps with bone health, but hence curt is cold by nature, by adding walnuts, balance is kept, besides, walnut is an excellent antioxidant and rich in Omega 3. 

There are two different types of Kale Joosh, one is more popular in the center of Iran, Isfahan, also, can be always replaced curt with thick yogurt as well. The other one that belongs to Zanjan, Azerbaijan, and Ardabil that are Turkish parts of Iran has meatballs in it. 


One chopped onion

One tablespoon of dried mint

Salt, pepper, and turmeric

4 tbsps of Kashk

Diced walnuts 95 gr

Two cups of water

How to make Kale Joosh:

First, add the diced onions to the hot oil and stir until they look perfectly gold, then add the spices and the diced walnuts.

After a few minutes, add the dried mint and wait a few seconds. 

Combine the curt sauce with water in the pot. You need to turn off the heat when you see that the stew starts simmering because boiling the curt will spoil it, now you can enjoy the Kale Joosh serve with fresh bread.


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