Guwahati (IP) – The Iranian short film "Aparat," written, produced, and directed by Hassan Najmabadi, won the awards for best cinematography and best child actor at the Khamrubu International Short Film Festival in India.

Iran PressAsia: "Aparat" is the story of six teenage boys in a remote village who decide to work in the corrals in order to raise the money they need to rent an 8-mm movie projector from a tour guide.

The film's cast list includes Mehdi Qolizadeh, Emad Mohebbi, Ebrahim Najmabadi, Abolfazl Najmabadi, Amir Najmabadi Amir-Mohammad Najmabadi, Mohammad-Reza Najmabadi, Zari Najmabadi, and Mehdi Rezaee.

The Khamrubu International Short Film Festival, which screened 32 short films from Iran, India, Japan, Bangladesh, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, and Mexico in its story section, awarded its Best Cinematography Award to Erfan Ehteshami and the Best Child Actor Award to Emad Mohebbi.

The festival was held on February 26 and 27 in Guwahati, India.