Iranian delegation in Nur-Sultan discusses Syria peace process

The Iranian Foreign Minister's Senior Advisor in Special Political Affairs met with the diplomats from Syria, Russia, Turkey, and UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir O. Pedersen on Wednesday, the first day of the 16th Astana International Meeting.

Iran PressAsia: Syrian delegations, opposition, sponsors of the Astana process, including Iran, Russia, Turkey, and observer countries including Iraq and Lebanon, for two days (7 and 8 July) joined the 16th International Summit of the Astana in Nur-sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Syrian International Summit in the framework of the Astana Process is underway in the capital city of Kazakhstan, with delegations from Russia, Iran, Turkey, the Syrian government, and the Syrian opposition.

Representatives from the United Nations, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq will also attend as observers.

The negotiators discuss the situation in Syria, international humanitarian aid to Syria, the prospect of a resumption of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva, and confidence-building measures, including the prisoner swap, the release of hostages, and the search for missing persons.

Last year, the 15th Astana Process Expert Meeting was held in Sochi, Russia.


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