Tehran (IP) - The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has made its newest operational drone Kaman-19, a drone for electronic warfare operations.

Iran PressIran news: The drone is a special version designed for electronic warfare and can be used by different Iranian military units against different types of enemy equipment and weapons.

Enjoying a special engine, Kaman-19 has been developed as a drone flying in high altitudes rather specialized for reconnaissance missions. 

Kaman 19 is an advanced drone that can engage in electronic warfare and disrupt the enemy's radar and electronic systems.

The drone entered the operational cycle of the army for the first time in the 2023 drone exercise and successfully disrupted the aerial systems during an electronic warfare operation.

It is also capable of carrying out ground-based disruptions in the communication of enemy drones with their terrestrial control stations and causing electronic disruptions on the attacker drones to take their control.   

Although the size and weight of the Kaman-19 are relatively small, in comparison to other drones in the army, it is equipped with such devices that make it capable of performing assigned missions well.

So far, from the Kaman family, the Kaman-12 and Kaman-22 have been unveiled. 

Kaman-12 is the first combat drone of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 


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