Iran (IP) -In a statement, Iranian Ministry of Defence said that a military complexes in Isfahan was attacked on Saturday evening by small drones, one of which was hit by the complex's air defense and two others were intercepted and destroyed, too.

Iran PressIran news: A loud blast was heard at a military plant in Iran's central city of Isfahan, but a security official said there were no casualties.

Following the explosion in one of Isfahan's defence industry facilities, Iran's Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics announced that this unsuccessful attack took place on 28 February at around 23:30 local time.

An official in Isfahan province, Mohammad Reza Jannesar, later told IRIB television: "The damages are being investigated as well as the elements that caused this explosion and the results will be announced later."


The Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics assures the noble nation of Islamic Iran that the activity of centers which produce necessary needs for the country's authority and security will continue without interruption.