UN (IP) - Iran's deputy ambassador to the United Nations expressed condolences to the Afghan people for the fatal quake and asked for the release of the frozen assets of Afghanistan by the US.

Iran PressAmerica: 6.1. magnitude earthquake rattled southern Afghanistan early Wednesday. According to the Taliban, until now 2,500 people have died and 2000 others have been injured.

Zahra Ershadi also called on the states who, contravening basic humanistic and international rules, have frozen Afghanistan's assets to release them.

The Islamic Republic's deputy ambassador to the United Nations stressed Iran's staunch commitment to secure civilians' lives, and prevent genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, and the need for prosecuting the culprits and reminded of countries' commitment to secure civilians' lives especially those of children and the youth at the time of catastrophes.    

Zahra Ershadi emphasized that the United Nations should consider the stance of all member states and treat them equally.

Ershadi went on to say that the failure to prevent brutal crimes effectively is the result of the failure of the UN Security Council.

The Iranian diplomat referred to the role of some mainstream media and lobbies who intentionally distort the realities about the humanistic situations and said that this unconstructive role shows up when they exaggerate some special conditions and downplay or censor some catastrophes such as the ones in Afghanistan, Palestine, and Yemen.  


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