MFA issues statement on the anniversary of fake Zionist Regime establishment
MFA issues statement on occasion of anniversary of establishment of fake Zionist Regime

In a statement on the anniversary of the establishment of the fake Zionist Regime, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on Muslim and free governments and nations to put aside their differences and defend the definite rights of the Palestinians against the occupiers of al-Quds as a united Ummah.

Iran PressIran news: The statement of the Iranian's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday on the occasion of the Yom al-Nakba said: "Today is the anniversary of the day of Nakba, while the resilient and dear Palestine is facing a new round of shameless crimes of the usurper and inhuman Zionist Regime and is in bloodshed and uprising."

The statement added: "73 years ago, on May 14, 1948, the Palestinian people were deprived of their ancestral land and home by international conspiracy, and instead a terrorist regime and alien people were forged."

The statement said: "Since then, the Zionists have turned occupied Palestine into a base of terrorism against the Palestinian people and the Muslim nations of the region. During these 7 decades, the United States and some world powers have fully supported this evil regime and turned a blind eye to the endless crimes of this terrorist regime. 

The statement added: "The Zionists have also committed numerous organized crimes and inhumane acts against the Palestinian people and the nations of the region in the shadow of this unwarranted support. In violation of international law and standards, the criminal Zionists forcibly occupied the entire land of Palestine with force, disrupted its demography, displaced its indigenous peoples, and replaced the main inhabitants of this holy land with Zionist immigrants.

"While these days the occupying regime in Quds is grappling with its deteriorating legitimacy, we are unfortunately witnessing a new round of desecration of the religious and holy sites of Quds and the killing of homeless Palestinians by the racist Zionist Regime by the grace of God has faced the tooth-breaking response of the popular resistance and the Palestinian intifada.

The statement underlined: "The Islamic Republic of Iran, while strongly condemning the recent criminal acts of the occupying regime in Quds against the oppressed people of Palestine, calls on governments and international organizations to fulfill their duty to end the occupation and counter the continuing crimes and aggression of the Zionists."

The statement highlighted: "The Islamic Republic of Iran while declaring solidarity with the lofty cause of Palestine, emphasizes that holding a referendum with the participation of all major Palestinians, Muslims, Christians, and Jews, to exercise the right to self-determination and the type of political system is the only solution to resolve the Palestinian crisis.

"Undoubtedly, until that day, the only way to prevent this widespread oppression and killing, torture, and daily humiliation of Palestinians by Zionists with no respect for human values, is all-out resistance. God's promise for victory is near, and the legitimate and moral resistance of the Palestinian Mujahideen will force the fake and illegitimate Zionist Regime to accept the reality of dear Palestine," the statement added.

The statement concluded: "The Islamic Republic of Iran, despite all conspiracies and the theatrical and humiliating plans to compromise and accompany the domineering system with the crimes of the Zionist Regime, considers Palestine apart and the first priority of the Islamic world, calls on Muslim and free governments and nations to put aside their differences and defend the definite rights of the Palestinians against the occupiers of Quds as a united Ummah, and do not deviate from the Palestinian cause until the complete liberation of Holy Quds and the formation of an independent Palestinian state, and rush to the aid of the brave and patient Palestinian people.


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