Nation wide military Parade update:

Tehran (IP) - The Arash suicide drone, which is the longest-range drone in the world, was unveiled in the armed forces nationwide parade on the occasion of the beginning of the holy defense week.

Iran PressIran news: Coinciding the beginning of the holy defense week in Islamic Iran, the parade of the authority of the armed forces was held in Bandar Abbas and all centers of the province and cities, and some defense equipment of the Iranian armed forces were unveiled.

Today (Friday), September 22, 2023, coincides with the anniversary of the start of the war imposed by the Iraqi Baath regime against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The aggressor army of Saddam's regime (deceased dictator of Iraq) on September 31, 1359 (September 1980), with the idea that it would conquer Tehran in a week, started a large-scale invasion of Iran by using all kinds of weapons.

Shahrivar 31 is the beginning of the holy defense week in Iran's events calendar.


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Most of Iran's military productions are completely domestic