Tehran (IP) - Simultaneously with the “research week “in Iran and with the presence of the Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and the Minister of Science, Iran’s first industrial electrostatic accelerator device called “Dynamitron” was unveiled.

Iran PressIran News: The Dynamitron is an electrostatic particle accelerator used to generate a high DC voltage on an electrode, which accelerates particles through an evacuated beam tube between the electrode and a target at ground potential.

In the research week commemoration ceremony held at the Atomic Energy Organization in the presence of Engineer Mohammad Eslami, Vice President, and Mohammad Ali Zulfi Gol, Minister of Science, Research, and Technology, the first industrial electron electrostatic accelerator device named “Dynamitron” was unveiled.

Dynamitron accelerator device has applications in the field of food irradiation, sterilization of medical equipment, wire and cable irradiation, tire irradiation, foam and heat shrinkable material irradiation, sewage irradiation, ion implantation, ion beam analysis, and neutron generator in boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT).

In this ceremony, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization, while congratulating the research week, said: “It is important for us to know all the components of the process of turning an idea into a product and turn technology into a system, and finally create knowledge-based economy.”

Referring to the imposed sanctions on Iran, he added: “With the leader’s guidelines and the efforts of our colleagues in the Atomic Energy Organization, many borders were broken and the belief in the ability was created.”

In this ceremony, several memorandums of cooperation were also signed between the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Atomic Energy Organization.


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