Tehran (IP) - Iranian president stated on Monday evening that the permission to use the home-made vaccine would be issued only when it has gone through all the steps.

Iran PressIran news: "People can be sure that if we buy a vaccine from abroad, we will do so with complete confidence. Also, permission to use the home-made vaccine will be issued only if we are completely sure of that and the vaccine has gone through all the steps," Hassan Rouhani said at the joint meeting of heads of 3 branches of the government.

Speaking after his meeting with the Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf and the Judiciary Chief Sayyed Ebrahim Raisi, President Hassan Rouhani referred to the latest situation of sanctions against Iran, saying: "In today's meeting, we talked about three issues; The first one was the lifting of sanctions, and we all agree on that."

He added: "The second issue is the 1400 budget bill, which was submitted to the parliament and the third issue is about coronavirus vaccine, which has created a situation in society that is neither constructive nor useful." 

President Rouhani noted: "We seek vaccines in several ways; The first one is the home-made vaccine. The second way is to make a joint vaccine with another country, and the third way is to buy the vaccine from abroad, which we have taken the necessary measures through the World Health Organization or COVAX."

The Iranian president also praised the resistance of the great nation of Iran against the economic war, the US inhuman sanctions, as well as the fight against the coronavirus.

Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf also stated that the focus of today's meeting was on the issue of neutralizing sanctions, which is a priority of our work and will be effective in lifting sanctions.

Noting that Iran can neutralize sanctions with power, Sayyed Ebrahim Raisi also said: “Our martyrs showed this fact not in words but in deeds. Initiatives and innovations in various fields have shown that it is possible to neutralize sanctions.”


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