Tehran (IP) - Iran’s Amirkabir University of Technology and Sharif Industrial University will hold national and international programming and artificial intelligence competitions.

Iran PressIran news: Hossein Mollazadeh, the Secretary of the Digital Economy and Intelligence Technology Headquarters, said these competitions will begin next month and will continue until mid-autumn.

Mollazadeh has said that the contest will be run in cooperation with the academic and private sectors of the country, where 100 participants will be selected as winners out of whom 60 are from other countries.

Concerning the reward, Mollazadeh announced that the team winning first place would receive $20,000, the second team $10,000, and the third team $5,000 respectively. 

Judges from the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, and Canada will accompany Iranian judges to evaluate the works in the international part of this competition.

The participants are supposed to solve a problem the results which should be applicable in life and can be utilized in industry and production. 219