Damascus (IP)- Following his bilateral consultations in Damascus, the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) met with the Syrian Minister of Culture to discuss media and cultural cooperation.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Iranian media delegation is visiting Damascus to hold talks focusing on media cooperation between the Syrian General Organization for Radio and TV and the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

In the meeting, the head of the Broadcasting Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Peyman Jebelli, said that it is crucial to pay attention to the soft war, the war from which the sound of bullets is not heard.

According to Jebelli expanding media cooperation between Iran and Syria would help improve relations between the two countries in all areas.

During the meeting, the Syrian Minister of culture, Lubanah Mshaweh, announced the country's relations with the Islamic Republic at the highest level.

He also met with the Minister of Information, Dr. Boutros Hallaq, on Monday.

Syrian Minister highlighted the importance of bilateral strategic relations and the need for joint coordination to confront false news and media campaigns that target societies by distorting facts and overturning concepts.

"The Syrian national media, with the support of friends, managed to confront the malicious media campaigns against the country and its stances, and clarify the facts in light of the use of the latest psychological impact theories," Hallaq said.

For his part, Jebelli affirmed his country's continued support for Syria and condemnation of any aggression on its lands. He said that the resistance front today is a cohesive front as Syria is its heart, adding that Syria achieved victory thanks to the resistance of its people and army.

Jebelli also called on Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous.

Arnous said that the media war on Syria constitutes one of the aspects of the terrorist and economic war that the country has been facing for years.

He also said that the Syrian national media made significant sacrifices as it accompanied the Syrian Arab Army in all its battles and victories.

Arnous called for unifying efforts between the media institutions in the two countries to expose the misleading campaigns practiced by some media outlets and inform the public of the reality of the regional and international events.

He pointed out the continued exchange of economic, scientific, cultural, and media delegations between Syria and Iran represents a consolidation of the will of the leaders of the two countries to support and develop bilateral relations in various fields.

For his part, Jebelli congratulated Syria on its victories in the face of terrorism and the liberation of its lands thanks to the heroism of its army, people, and leadership.

The two sides stressed the importance of coordination and enhancing cooperation in the fields of human cadres training and technical support and the establishment of joint projects, including producing films that contribute to revitalizing cultural exchange.


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