Tehran (IP) - "We support knowledge-based companies in becoming regional brands," stated the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance as he extended an invitation to elite and Olympiad students to engage in addressing economic challenges.

Iran PressIran news: Ehsan Khandouzi emphasized the goal of transforming knowledge-based companies and their products into regional brands to enhance revenue streams and foster job creation.

Speaking to the students, Khandouzi acknowledged past underutilization of elite potential, emphasizing the pivotal role these students play in shaping the nation's future. He urged the students to stay ahead of their time, cultivating a profound understanding of issues to navigate future challenges effectively.

Khandouzi expressed optimism that such dialogues would contribute to the long-term prosperity and resilience of the country.

Emphasizing the Ministry of Economy's commitment to facilitating collaboration between experts and government entities, the minister highlighted ongoing initiatives aimed at engaging elite students from various universities through policy-making and summer schools.

Furthermore, efforts are underway to support knowledge-based companies in expanding their market reach by fostering product exports, the minister noted.


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