Tehran (IP) - Iran has summoned the Swedish ambassador to lodge a protest against the recent interventionist statements by some European officials.

Iran PressIran news: Ambassador Designate of Sweden Mr. Mattias Lentz to Tehran was summoned to the Iranian foreign ministry on Thursday in reaction to the meddlesome statements of some European officials, a statement by the foreign ministry of Iran said on Thursday.

Mathias Lentz, the Swedish ambassador in Tehran, was summoned because his respective country presides over European Union now, the statement added.

The Director General of the Western Europe department at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a meeting with the Swedish ambassador that Iran condemns any intervention in its internal affairs and advised the Europeans to live up to their own commitments to human rights.

"Instead of accusing, deflecting public attention, and using double standards, Europe should fulfill its responsibility in respecting the human rights values of other countries in a serious manner," the Iranian diplomat told the Swedish envoy.

The Iranian side further called on the Western countries to stop using human rights as a political means.

"Interference in the internal affairs of other countries is against all international rules and regulations, and the Islamic Republic of Iran definitely cannot accept it," the Iranian side said.

The Sweden ambassador was also called by the Iranian official to convey Iran's message that the EU must end its counterproductive approach against Iran.


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